Joseph J. Burrascano JR., M.D., sept. 2005
Advanced topics in Lyme disease, diagnostic hints and treatment guidelines for Lyme and other tickborne illnesses. 15th ed.

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Basic information on Bartonella (cat scratch disease-CSD)

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Bartonella henselae-infectie

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Natural history of Bartonella infections (an exception to Koch’s Postulate),

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Pseudoinfectious mononucleosis: a presentation of Bartonella henselae infection,

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Bartonella infection associated with systemic juvenile rheumatoid arthritis,

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Vectro-borne and zoonotic diseases

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Epidemiologie, Klinik und Diagnostik von Bartonella-Infektionen,

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Azithromycin for the treatment of cat-scratch disease,

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Bactericidal effect of antibiotics on Bartonella and Brucella spp.: clinical implications

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Ticks have potential to transmit cat scratch disease,

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Isolation of Bartonella spp.from embryos and neonates of naturally infected rodents.

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Cat scratch disease and other Bartonella infections,

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Value of microimmunofluorescence for diagnosis and follow-up of Batonella endocarditis,

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